Actor Ju Jihoon reportedly will not make an appearance in 'Kingdom : Ashin of The North' with Jun Jihyun, Knetz react.

 Actor Ju Jihoon is unlikely to be seen in Netflix's original "Kingdom: Ashin of The North," which is drawing expectations from fans around the world by announcing the appearance of actors Jun Jihyun and Park Byungeun.

According to YTN star coverage on the 2nd, Ju Jihoon, who played in "Kingdom" season 1 and season 2, was confirmed not to appear in "Kingdom: Ashin of The North". "Kingdom: Ashin of The North" is a special series of the "Kingdom" series that caused K-Zombie Syndrome around the world, and Jun Jihyun and Park Byungeun have been decided to appear.

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Netizen comments : 

- So how does the story go?

- Special episode? I think I had a rough idea about the concept ㅠㅠㅠ

- I'm curious about the combination of Jun Jihyun and Joo Jihoon!

- It doesn't make sense. I'm watching because of Ju Jihoon.

- Eh?! 

- Just give me season 3.

- Huh? I can't believe Ju Jihoon isn't here.

- Yes?? 

- Ah why!!

- It's like a spinoff?? 

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