The Stylist/Editor regarding RED VELVET Irene's controversy express her feeling on Instagram story, Knetz react.

 I'm already hurt and this wound will never be forgotten. However, I wanted to receive an apology directly from C to protect my dignity as a human being, and I met C with the people in charge of company B. It took a few adjustments and time for the meeting to take place. The reason I haven't been doing anything since I first posted is because I had to make reasonable and wise decisions every moment to prepare for this situation. The biggest reason is that I didn't want to create a bigger misunderstanding, and I didn't want to empower the rampant speculation and turbulence. Immediately after that incident, I thought there was no reason to act rashly because the B company officials who hired me and the managers at the scene were recognized and apologized for her wrongdoing. I've never been a stylist for C's group, and I'm a person who has been commissioned to style the filming schedule 1Day on Tuesday, October 20th as 'outsourcing'.(The first request for this schedule was on October 5, and we prepared for 15 days after receiving an official content mail on October 6 at the request of Company B and the group to which C belongs.) What I said to the first person I met was the door when I didn't remember C had a magazine shoot with me in 2016 (I met yesterday and checked it out) and the behavior in the problematic spot was not just me, but also one of the other Editor juniors and an assistant who helped me with my schedule that day. For that reason, two people accompanied me to receive the apology yesterday and talked with the people in charge of B company and C, and each received an apology from C.

I thought there was no need to respond to the reckless comments from C fans from the beginning. The same is true of the idea now. The reason I haven't taken any action so far is because the fundamental goal and purpose of my will from the moment I first thought I had to get this straightened out, was to get C's promise not to do that to anyone else in the future, and to meet me and two of my team members that day. I got an official apology yesterday and stopped everything because I achieved my goal.

There's no such thing as an agreement in some of the stories that some people have imagined and made up. (Only the processing of the pay and the progress costs for the one-day schedule that I worked on on October 20 remains.) And the word "agreement" didn't even come up at yesterday's meeting. It was not a meeting to make an agreement, but an apology.

I had to protect myself to the end. Since there is no reason to be attacked indiscriminately by senseless people, we have requested an official apology from company B and C, including an admission of wrongdoing, an apology, and a promise not to do so in the future so that there will be no more misunderstandings. I will also be the last to express my position through this article.

I'm one person. I've lived up to what I think is the work ethic, and I've lived up to what I've been given, whatever I do, I've lived by doing my best. I live by making mistakes, and I'm a bad person to someone, and I'm a good person to others. It would be the same for C. But I can't conclude this is my personal work. For me and my colleagues who have had the same experience as I have done their professional calling about the work requested, it was an act to restore personal insults and to protect the minimum dignity.

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Netizen comments :

- I think they're amazing and cool. 

- I think you've got the best revenge the public can do. Cool.

- You are such a good writer. I support you. ㅠㅠㅠ

- That's cool....and through the victim's statement, I know what's going on... I hope you will continue to do what you always do with respect.

- I hope you will cheer up ㅠㅠㅠ

- I don't want you to get away with this anymore. It was so uncomfortable being attacked to become a real victim.

- Wow, you write very clearly... I hope you continue to write good post. 

- Wow, but it's perfect.

Looks like a good line of writing.

Thank you for your hard work. 

- That's what adults do.

You're really amazing...

I hope this doesn't happen in the entertainment industry in the future.


- I will support you. 

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