SM Entertainment unveiled the new logo 'Aespa' for the upcoming new girl group, Knetz react.


Suddenly posted on Twitter and Instagram

As if there is a possibility that she might not be a new girl group because the logo was on SuperM video!! Modify title once

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Netizens comments :

- It's like a rookie girlgroup. 

- The timing is really.. 

- Seriously, timing's amazing, ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but I've never seen a logo on a music video before. It's not even a build-up for them.

- Am I the only one who thought of the Pokemon Esper type?

- I like the intro beat. I want you to pick a song, whether it's a rookie girl or a girl SuperM.

- The logo is similar to the NCT 2020 logo.

- It's like a girl group. 

- But what's with the name. 

- Timing is really...You're changing the generation as soon as it happens.

- I hope it's a female version of SuperM. ㅋㅋㅋ 

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