RED VELVET Irene shares an apology due to the recent controversy in her Instagram, Knetz shares mixed reaction.


I'm Irene.

I sincerely apologize for hurting the stylist with my foolish attitude and careless words and actions.

I regret and reflect on the fact that I have greatly hurt the many people who have worked with me until now by the immature behavior.

Looking back on the past, I felt ashamed of my lack of words and actions and realized once again the importance of the staff.

I will think and act more carefully so that this will not happen again.

I'm truly sorry for the fans who support me and for all the people who have been worried about this incident.

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Netizens comments :

- Wow.. 

- It's so obvious that SM wrote it. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Wow I want to make it public. 

- It's the end? Wow. 

- Aigoo Joohyun-ah.. 

- Wow, I met Bae Joohyun. How could you...?

- You weren't just bossing around with that stylist...

- What's going on?? 

- Oh my. 

- That's amazing. 

- This is real.. 

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