[PANN] Knetz talks about the visual of Rookie group P1Harmony member's INTAK!

 It's a visual picture of a rookie boy idol who debuted today.

I think I know what kind of handsome guy FNC pursues as a visual 

In the MV


Fansite picture 

Like a little straight and gentle puppy.

I can see some of the senior actors in the same company.

Netizens comments :

(+78,-1) Who is he? 

(+52,-7) Oh I can see Jung Haein's face. 

(+47,0) You have more than a gentle puppy.

(+45,0) The last one look like Dawon. 

(+42,-1) Intak is really my style. 

(+36,0) Ah but he's 03.

(+36,0) FNC Style = Jung Haein? 

(+35,0) I made my debut today. Let's walk on Hwang Intak's flowery path~

(+33,-1) He's good-looking. 

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