[PANN] Knetz talks about Actor Kim Myungsoo and Kwon Nara's appearance at the script reading of upcoming drama 'Secret Royal Inspector'!


What are both visuals?

Netizen comments : 

(+40,0) Both feels like a model somehow.

(+31,-10) Kim Myungsoo seems to have a legendary face for all-time male idols.

(+21,-6) Kwon Nara is really pretty, one top female idol.

(+13,0) a good-looking man and woman

(+6,0) You always Kim Myungsoo's legendary when comes to another idol. Isn't that subjective? I don't know why you guys are so crazy, even though he's not usually mentioned. I don't think there's anyone like Kim Myungsoo in the future. Of course, there's only one person who has that kind of face in that atmosphere.

(+5,0) I'm not a fan, but I still listen to INFINITE songs. The Korean sentiment melodies made by domestic composers, not foreigners, and the lyrics are good... I'll be rooting for you.

(+5,0) They looks good together. 

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