[PANN] Knetz shares mixed reaction as SM Rookies Hina opened her personal Instagram Account.


 Netizens comments :

(+485,-4) If you're going to end up like this, why did you reveal the little ones so early? You've heard everything you don't have to hear; it's really harmful.

(+466,-2) I think SM rookie girl is down...

(+225,-2) Shouldn't SM compensate you? Of course, they're the ones who said they were going to be trained, but...I don't know if SM would've treated them as if it's not like any of her other years; if they've sold all of her programs and photos as if she's about to debut and if she hasn't made her debut yet, I think she's just a teenager in her life.

(+173,-2) All four of you are out? 

(+161,-2) They've been trying to kill the image. If the kids who left the company didn't work as rookies, they wouldn't have had any fans supporting them, so they might have left the company at the right time and debuted at a different company, but SM consumed too much image. 

(+118,-1) It's already been five years since the male rookies debuted. Hina, you've done a great job in other countries.

(+105,-3) Hina's voice member and main dancer. I thought you'd take her. Can you imagine how hard the fans would have been after five years of eating it every day?

(+93,-1) When I see things like this, the entertainment industry is very lucky and scary.The boys who were trained together are already in their fifth year.

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