[PANN] Knetz crazily in love with Rookie group STAYC as a group who full of visual.


The title song will be produced by Black Eyed Pilseung for the girl group debut. 

The name is STAYC. 

Netizens comments :

(+132,-3) They look even prettier. 

(+55,-1) There's a girl group named Park Sieun here, but the other members are pretty too. I think it'll be good if they pick a good song.

(+52,-1) The first one is pretty. 

(+24,0) First, TWICE Dahyun. Second Yuna, third BLACKPINK JISOO. That's how it feels like.

(+23,0) Their visual looks even prettier than the big one. 

(+15,0) Wow, I've got all the faces I really like.

(+12,0) She's so pretty and so young; she's the youngest with short hair.

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