Knetz throwback about RED VELVET Seulgi, NCT Jeno and NCT Taeyong's transformation until now!

2013.12.03 Reveals Jeno, Taeyong and Seulgi
Even Jeno was 14 years old

You grew up and become like this, really..

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Netizens comments :

- They grew up well.

- It's too much..

- Wow, that's amazing. You've grown up so well.

- I like three of them.

- Jeno-ya..

- You made it public as soon as Jeno came in... SM, you flatter me.

- Taeyong ㅠㅠ The beauty since then.

- Lee Jeno really..

- Revealed immediately in the year Jeno entered.

- Kang Seulgi still look the same until now.