Knetz talks about Girls Generation Yoona's cute interaction with Actress Ham Yonji on Instagram.

Ham Yonji : Eonni! ♡♡ Come with me~
Yoona : Kya I love it, let's set a date sometime~

Post response : 

Netizen comments :

- by Yoona's side. It was worth a price.

- Heol I'm amazed.

- Heol Yoona is the older sister.

- It's amazing that Yoona is older than her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Maybe it's because I've seen her since she was so young.

- Is it Musical Actor?

- Wow! Yoona, I really don't know about personal connections. But all close.

- Heol I'm surprised Yoona is the older sister.