Knetz talks about Girls Generation as one of girlgroup with the best combination of the member in Vocal, Dance and Visual!


Vocal Line: Taeyeon Seohyun Sunny Tiffany

Dance Line: Hyoyeon Sooyoung Yoona Yuri 

It's perfect for balance and all the members have solo songs.

A girl group vocalist comes to mind (Taeyeon)

The girl group visual reminds me of someone (Yoona) 

A girl group main dancer comes to mind (Hyoyeon)

Three of them are in one group, and that group is Girls' Generation....

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Netizens comments :

- Agree. 

- It's bubbling up.

- I came in thinking about Girls Generation. 

- It's really legend. 

- I really agree. 

- Agree. The vocal line doesn't lack dance, the dance line doesn't mean you can't sing, or you're just a god.

- I admit it. 

- Agree, I just came thinking about them. 

- How come there's a team called Girls Generation. 

- It's already legend. 

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