Knetz shares their thought about the latest Instagram Post of former member of AOA Kwon Mina.

Why can't I sleep for five days when I've been busy? All I can do is work when my head goes back. There are so many people who like me, support me and help me, but if I'm lost in thought, I can't keep my father's deathbed or cry, so I've been kept for a lifetime, guilt, and loneliness that seems to exist in this place where I live.
I don't know how I was living in Seoul, where I was so poor as a child that I came up running to try a new start. I'm not cursing Seoul and its people. I achieved a few things that I wanted after coming to Seoul.And it's good, it's bad, it's bad, it's good, it's good, it's good, it's good, it's good, it'Anyway, I lost myself in return for my great gain and my first dream while working properly in Seoul. With dreams that I've achieved...
If I worked hard and worked hard to save a lot of money, not just my mom, but my uncle Hyun-gi, and maybe even older sister, who would have had a bigger responsibility than me, would all go down to Busan when I could take responsibility alone and give it to all the people I want to give to, who don't care what anyone says, laugh when they want to laugh, cry when they don't want to cry, and feel ashamed. By the way, Sunday, I go to Busan. I hope I can rest and play for a few days and come back to work with that energy.I'm sure I'll sleep someday. Today's a diary, so I'll skip today's diary.


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Netizen comments : 

- Mina fighting! 

- In a case like this, if you want to find yourself, you can cut off communication for a while.

- You have to say what you want to say in your life. If you hold it in, you'll get angry.

- Mina fighting.

- Mina, get some rest.

- Fighting!

- Mina fighting I will support you! 

- I hope you are healthy. neither body nor mind

- Mina, I'm rooting for you.

- Mina fighting!! I will support you! I hope you are healthy. neither body nor mind

- Mina its right to talk whatever you want.

- I hope Mina is happy. I hope everyone suffering from depression will be happier than now!

- I hope you get through this. I'm rooting for you, Mina.

- Mina you must be have a hard time. 

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