Knetz shares their thought about the first broadcast of tvN new drama 'Start Up' by Bae Suzy, Nam Joohyuk, Kang Hanna and Kim Seonho.

 Full storyline:

The first broadcast of 'Start Up', the thread of fate intertwined with Bae Suzy, Nam Joohyuk, Kim Sunho and Kang Hanna 

On the night of the 17th, tvN's new Saturday-Sunday drama "Start Up" (written by Park Hyeryeon and directed by Oh Choonghwan) was first aired.

In the first episode of "Start Up," Seo Dalmi (Bae Suzy), Wo Injae (Kang Hanna), and Han Jipyeong (Kim Sunho) held the opening with a reunion at the briefing session. Seo Dalmi asked Woo Injae a question and talk about Wonjae who changed her last name after her divorced mother. In response, Woo Injae responded without losing, and Han Jipyeong recalled his past relationship with Seo Dalmi.

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Netizens comments :

- It's fun. 

- Who's the real old guy with the pitch who sing the OST? 

- It's really fun. 

- It's fun, but I'm so dumbfounded that Dad's dead. I think I've gone too far.

- I'm looking forward to it. 

- I'll see you one more time tomorrow.

- It was fun, but the dad's dead is really.. And the color on the screen is too bright.

- That's very extreme.

- It is fun? 

- It wasn't as good as I expected.. 

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