Knetz admire Actor Seo Kangjoon's amazing and crazy visual in the latest pictorial!

 What's with your face? Your face is the future.

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Netizen comments : 

- Wow...

- This man's eyes are really dangerous...

- Please Kangjoon..

- Wow amazing.

- The most handsome man I've ever seen...

- If I live with one of the faces of a celebrity, I want to live with that face.

My Wannabe...

- Seo Kangjoon looks like a real vampire.

- Ah he's really handsome.

- I'm so grateful to the actor in his twenties for having such a good idea.

- I want to see a historical drama if it's not Romance fantasy with Seo Kangjoon's face.

- Do you have a next project ?

- The best. 

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