SBS reportedly has decided not to hold 'SBS Gayo Daejeon' this year, Knetz react.

SBS has decided not to hold 'Gayo Daejeon' this year.

According to multiple officials on the 23rd, while broadcasters are currently agonizing over the year-end music festival, SBS announced that it will not hold the event. Instead, the company decided to expand its "SBS Super Concert-2020 Super On-Tack" program. It is also rumored that they decided to take a rest this year because of the fall of the artist last year.


There's will be no Gayo Daejeon.

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Netizens comments :

- Heol I'm surprised.

- Good.

- Oh, come to think of it, I'm angry again, like it's a fall accident or something's wrong with you.

- Heol.

- What's Super concert?

- That's a good decision.

- Heok.

- Honestly, this is a right choice.

- Good job.

- Well, that's a good idea. Corona's making me nervousness.

- Unfortunately, singers, staff, and audience all have to be safe, so I think it's a good idea not to do it.