[PANN] Knetz once again amazed with RED VELVET Joy's perfect figure after her recent schedule!

Look at the pictures in the third one ;; I thought Joy will have flat abs because she looks skinny in that picture.ㅋㅋ  + She filmed Yoo Sketchbook yesterday!! and she releases Kwon Jinah 'Lonely Night' version..

Netizen comments :

(+87,-7) Everyone tomorrow is Joy's birthday, if you can't say anything good just don't say anything mean. She's good at searching and I'm afraid she will see it.

(+51,-5) No I mean, you look good with that hair.

(+40,-6) What is this~ last picture looks like she has abs.

(+26,0) Our princess is so pretty.

(+24,0) Eventho Joy looks skinny in the picture, she looks different in real life. She's more beautiful than she is in the picture.

(+13,-1) Pretty ㅜㅜㅜ

(+13,0) This is when recorded Yoo Heeyeol sketchbook yesterday? I can't wait~

(+11,0) Happy birthday Joy ❤️