[PANN] Knetz listed the TOP 10 of Female Idol best Fancam, including Bae Suzy, EXID Hani, BLACKPINK Rosè, RED VELVET Joy and more!

EXID Hani - Up & Down

BLACKPINK Jennie - So Hot

RED VELVET Yeri - Kissing You.

(G)I-DLE Soojin - Hot Issue

APRIL Naeun - Oh! My Mistake

RED VELVER Seulgi - Rookie

ITZY Yuna - Dalla Dalla

IZ*ONE Wonyoung - So curious


BLACKPINK Rosè - Coachella

It's all legendary in the video, but since I captured the moment, it came out a little weird.

What other legendary girl group fancams do you have?

++ TWICE SANA - Likey

+) addition, Thank you all!
I'm out of my mind for a while, and I'll add a Suzy love song!!

Netizens comments :

(+270,-15) Wow Suzy, it's really famous, with over 20 million views.

(+228,-5) Where's Suzy Love Song? I've seen all of them but it's legendary.

(+197,-34) All-time female idol legendary fancam, including Nayeon's beauty and stage performances. It's so pretty.I am not a fan and I always watch it once a day.

(+146,-46) This TWICE Sana Likey is also legend.

(+107,-22) Nayeon really really.

(+99,-9) Sujin Hot Issue fancam exceeded 6 million, but it was deleted by copyright. It's crazy.

(+92,-38) Coachella Rosè is in different level.

(+81,-12) Nayeon 190428 Superconcet are all legends. It's hard to get rid of them.

(+81,-8) Arin SSFWL..