[PANN] Knetz listed all of RED VELVET Joy's various pictorial in 2020 and her various charms!

I think Joy have been doing photoshoots every month since 2020, but they're all so pretty that she get a lot of compliments from the staff every time she does a photoshoot. So lovely, Sooyoung.

1. The March issue of Elle's pictorial of Michael Kors.

"Joy led the scene with a bright and professional look throughout the filming, and with the colorful charm of Joy, she was able to feel spring in the scene."'

2. GQ April Photo Interview

"Especially on the set, Joy overwhelmed the scene with deep eyes and seductive mood.

The dynamic poses aroused admiration and cheers from the staff.'

3. Cover pictorial for May issue of Beauty

Rumor has it that the staff on the set praised Joy's eight-color charm, which perfectly digests all colors.'

4. The August Cover Photo of Singles

"Joy goes beyond her previous refreshing image to a graceful and dreamy atmosphere.
She showed her unlimited visuals, drawing admiration from the staff at the filming site.'

5. Cosmopolitan September issue 20th Anniversary Cover Photo

6. The October issue of Arena Homme pictorial

Joy's passionate which sometimes pure and sometimes seductive in the poses.

Rumor has it that the staff praised each cut.'

7. Marie Claire's October issue pictorial

I'll put all the staff together.

1. Bright and professional throughout the shoot
2. Colorful Attraction
3. Deep eyes and seductive moods
4. Dynamic poses
5. The eight-color charm that digests all colors
6. Unlimited visuals up to an elegant and dreamy atmosphere
7. Enthusiastic immersion with expressions and poses that are sometimes pure and sometimes seductive.

Park Sooyoung's really good...

Netizens comments :

(+27,-2) She's so pretty!

(+18,-4) This is Cosmopolitan No.5! The one that Sunny uploaded was taken last year!

(+14,-1) 💜

(+12,0) Park Sooyoung's pictorial is good, but I want to see the whole group soon.ㅠㅠㅠㅠ when will RED VELVET comeback?

(+12,0) Park Sooyoung is pretty and the pictorial is pretty.

(+10,-1) Joy is really pretty.

(+10,-1) I feel like she's a born entertainer. All the celebrities are pretty, but Joy's unique seductive image is attractive. She's young, but she looks cool. It feels like Monica Bellucci.