[PANN] Knetz express their wish to see a Girl group comeback with T-ARA, SISTAR, and AOA concept these days.

There's almost no sexy concept like Sistar Alone or A.O.A. short skirt, and many people don't like sexy concept.

T-ara retro concept... Like Roly Poly or Bo Peep Bo Peep.... There's no more concept like that.

They're all pure and lively, or they're full of girl crush.

Netizen comments :

(+193,-9) If you look at the concept of third-generation female idols these days, there are only three categories: unique, luxurious, flower bouquet effect to make a pretty girl next to a pretty girl, high-quality beauty & girl crush. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But if you do well you won't say anything.

(+110,-23) What are you talking about? Tell them why they don't have a concept like H.O.T. Candy these days.

(+103,-3) It doesn't work well abroad.

(+48,-1) If you come out with this concept, it's the place to curse the most.

(+36,0) What kind of girl would make a mega hit with that concept? It's a gamble. If you succeed with that concept, you'll be aiming for the first place, but if you don't make a hit with that concept, you'll be disappointed by it.

(+22,0) There's no ballad and pure concept these days...?  Without pushing it too much.

(+19,-1) There are so many good concepts of Girls' Generation, but they're all like playing overseas. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Oh, tell me your wish and Run Devil Run. I wish someone would come back with that kind of concept.

(+14,0) Isn't it because the sexy concept is difficult? In the past, it was possible to be sexy if you had skinny breasts and pretty legs. But these days, sexy has been influenced a lot by foreign countries, so your chest and butt thighs have to be huge. But it's hard to come out as a Korean idol.

(+9,-1) I personally want to see Tell Me Your Wish concept again.