[PANN] Knetz express how proud they are to BLACKPINK Jisoo in Dior Instagram update.

Jisoo is the only celebrity Dior has chosen to promote the 20/21 SS Collection online show.

She not only promoted the show in Korean, but also taught basic Korean to people all over the world.

I am very proud that she introduced Korean to the world through Dior.


Netizen comments :

(+73,-2) It's amazing that yesterday's story was all over the place, the highlights were created, and the posts were posted.

(+65,-3) I'm so proud of you.

(+59,-3) I'm really really proud of you ♡♡♡

(+46,0) You look so elegant and cool when you wear Dior clothes.

(+43,-1) Her face is really crazy.

(+34,-1) Jisoo is amazing~

(+33,0) I am a proud Korean, Kim Jisoo. Please always be healthy and happy!

(+32,-1) Jisoo was the first Korean to be on Dior's official Instagram highlights.

(+31,-1) Jisoo the human Dior~