Mnet 'I-LAND' announced the final line up of the trainee who will debut under 'ENHYPEN', Knetz react.

Yang Jung-won (1,417,620 votes)

Jay (1,192,889 votes)

Jake (1,179,633 votes)

NIKI (1,140,728 votes)

Lee Hee-seung (1,137,323 votes)

Park Sung-hoon (1,088,413 votes)

Kim Sun-woo (producer pick)


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Netizens comment :

- I'm relieved.

- Who's the vocal member here???

- Why is the ranking so reversed? Kim Sun-woo, Lee Hee-seung, and Park Sung-hoon were popular members.

- Ah I'm glad.

- Congratulations~

- I like this one.

- There's only one Japanese. You said you were trying so hard to vote.

- Jake so handsome.

- I really like this.

- Wow there's Jake!!

- I'm sorry for Daniel ㅠㅠㅠ but it seems like they got a good one. Congratulations.