Knetz throwback about RED VELVET Irene's legendary era when she make her debut with RED VELVET!

Red Velvet Irene
She was 24 years old when she debuted. It's very late for an idol to debut.
But seeing your face right after your debut, you can understand it.
It's not a late debut, it's a waste of talent if you don't make it. Anytime you make a debut, you'll hit the jackpot. Isn't that heavenly?
Legendary Pink

You're so pretty that I can't even say a word.

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Netizens comments :

- No I mean, she would've made her debut at 30.

- Age was nothing.

- Seriously, it doesn't matter when you debut with that visual.

- I'm glad that I would have cried if I didn't see you.

- A face, a dance, a song, a voice, everything is perfect.

- She's a heavenly visual, but he's also very good at self-care. Who will be in their prime no matter when they debut?

- She can debut even at her 34s.

- I knew you were the last one to debut, but you were 24, no matter how old Irene was, she could have made her debut. So pretty.

- If Bae Joohyun doesn't become an idol, who will do it?ㅠㅠ

- Ah really pretty..

- Irene was so pretty when I saw her for the first time.