Knetz throwback about PRODUCE X 101 Choreographer Choi Youngjoon as the center of 'Move' with his dance skills!

Even if one's movements or skills are not good enough, he is able to focus his eyes on himself with overwhelming dance skills.
The center of this clip is Produce X choreographer Choi Youngjoon.

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Netizen comments :

- I can only really see the center.

- They're all dancers, but the center is really different.

- He's a real good dancer.

- No, you have to watch this on video. Choi Youngjoon is the real one.

- The center stands out.

- The detail is great, I don't know how to dance.

- Vocal 3 is so unruly that I can only see vocal3 in the middle.

- It's been a year since I found out that the choreography was wrong.

- The right one make a mistakes.

- This is why the center is so important.