Knetz throwback about NCT Jungwoo's amazing visual in his trainee days until now!

He's so handsome in his trainee days.

After debut.

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Netizens comments :

- Bernard Jungwoo...It's awesome.

- Park Jungwoo...

- If you look at the picture from when he was born, you can see Jungwoo from when he was a nerd, but he's a cold-hearted guy and now he's a puppy.

- The last picture is legend.

- Really... From trainee to celebrity.

- If you look at NCT, you can understand why SM is an infinite expansion group. There's no one who won't make their debut.

- Ha... I love you Kim Jungwoo.

- I feel like crying.

- Wow the last one is crazy.

- His nose is pretty.

- Wow amazing...

- He's so handsome.