Knetz talks about SM trainee Yoo Jimin and the concept will suits her when debut as SM new girlgroup!

Your hair color looks like a really girl's hip hop.

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Netizens comments :

- How do you know just by looking at your hair? I was really curious.

- Let's make sure to debut this time, sm girl group.

- If it was innocent, they would have sent the Eunyi Sungkyung and Jeongyeon. There are no children who are that specialized in pureness.ㅋㅋㅋ

- The trainees who were selected and released this time seem to be aiming to enter the U.S. But the pictures are really pretty.

- She's really pretty.

- Heol so pretty.

- Who is this??

- But it's very different from your face on a music show.

- But isn't the concept of the recent female idol group not pure and innocent at first, right? I thought SM would have a girl crush or a unique concept.

- Are you Yoo Jimin? The one who was a back dancer? It's so different.

- I don't think it's the original sm style.