Knetz talks about Girls Generation Yoona and TWICE member's various charm for 'Estee Lauder'!

Yoona feels a little calm.
TWICE seems to have a fresh and lively.

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Netizens comments :

- Wow Mina so beautiful.

- Are they doing this together? Or is the line different?

- Sana looks pretty.

- Yoona looks so pretty, really...

- I like Jihyo different feels.

- Yoona looks luxury for sure ㅎㅎ

- TWICE so pretty!

- Jihyo lip and face is pretty.

- Yoona is Yoona.

- Yoona looks like the only model.

- Sana really suit it.

- Yoona suit innisfree and suit Estee Lauder.

- Mina look the most pretty.