Knetz surprised to know that Actress Yoo In-na will be 40 years old next year with her visual!

On Instagram, I was reading a celebrity list who will be 40s next year and stopped at Yoo In-na..

How can this sister will be 40..

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Netizen comments :

- What???

- 40?? Heol?

- You must be lying..

- How can you not tell? No matter how much we manage, it's obvious that we're at that age, but Yoo In-na and Jang Nara is really amazing. Song Hyekyo looks younger than Sunpoong Gynecological Clinic, so I was surprised.

- Really? She's 40 years old?

- ...?!?!?!

- You're lying..

- I thought you were five years older than IU.

- It's like 20 over 30 something.

- It's like she's in her mid-thirties.

- You and IU are over 10 years apart. Are you close?