Knetz shares mixed reaction as DYNAMIC DUO Choiza's Instagram full of hates comments after the documentary.

The next scapegoat of haters.

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Netizens comments :

- I wouldn't have to go there and write it, but I agree.

- You don't want to meet minors, do you?

- I don't have to go all the way to Instagram.

- Sulli's sad, but she's not like that.

- I don't like Choiza, so I don't listen to all the dynamic duo's songs. The only thing that shocked me was that you were considerate as an adult about the wallet incident on Snl.

- I understand the parent's feeling for a hundred times.

- You're not the parents. Why do you defend someone's parents to swear at them when you're living in a corner of your room? What you're doing is different than what you're doing to Sulli ,crazy girls.

- That's really tough. Do you want to write such bad comments? Why?

- Come on, you don't even know.

- I know you hate him, but you have to keep your word, haters.