Knetz listed the Male and Female Idol who become the leader and main vocal of their group!

* PhotoSelect randomly from google
* Based on the final leader if the leader has changed
* Excluding two or more members, only groups with three or more members
* Placements may be wrong even though they are in their own annual order

first generation

S.E.S Bada

Chakra Hwangbo

Jewelry Park Jungah

Sugar Iconiq

second generation

Wonder Girls Sunye

Girls Generation Taeyeon

U-KISS Soohyun

CNBLUE Yonghwa


third generation

BTOB Eunkwang



WINNER Seungyoon

LOVELYZ Babysoul

OH MY GIRL Hyojung

DAY6 Sungjin


Pentagon Hui

VICTON Seungsik

ONF Hyojin

WEKI MEKI Ji Sooyeon

THE BOYZ Sangyeon

GWSN Seoryeong

OnlyOneOf Love

SUPERM Baekhyun

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Netizen comments :

- Kang Seungyoon is the youngest, but he's the leader of producing.ㅠㅠ  the best.

- Taeyeon-ie~

- Seungyoon is the leader, main vocalist, youngest member, and songwriter.

- Isn't Wonder Girls main vocal Yeeun?

- Kim Sungkyu 💛

- I know there's will be Taeyeon.

- JB~

- So SuperM leader is Baekhyun .

- Ah Yonghwa!! I'm thinking about him when its come for leader and main vocal.

- SuperM 🥰

- Kim Sungkyu the best~

- EXID Solji and Sistar Hyolyn also Leaders & Main vocal

- Aren't Jin and Kei the main vocal of Lovelyz?

- I came thinking about Taeyeon.

- Hyojin, I came in thinking of you.