Knetz listed and talks about all the label under KAKAO M, including SOOP, STARSHIP and more!

They've collected label singers and actors, but there might be someone who's missing. Its awesome. You can just hold an award ceremony for singers and actors. For your information, Edam's picture doesn't show the singer's name because its IU's agency!

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Netizen comment :

- Kakao really collected them all.

- Wow... SOOP is also Kakao?

- Awesome Ent is also Kakao M label??? Wow.

- Kakao will eat up all the companies in the future. Just the business you're doing right now.

- I think Kakao will eat up all the small and medium-sized companies.

- Even the actors and actresses have a nearly 100 percent stake.

- Wow amazing...

- Republic of Korea for Kakao

- There's only THE BOYZ in the cracker. I guess it's not fixed.

- Wow it's really a lot..

- Who knew that messenger KakaoTalk would be like this?

- Wow, all the actors are here.