Knetz gets excited as DAY6 Wonpil and Singer Baek Yerin will be featuring in The Blank Shop 'Tailor' album!

Baek Yerin Kim Wonpil

I screamed at this tracklist.

One song is Kim Wonpil

One song is Baek Yerin.

Wow, I love you.

(It's an album from Antenna!!)

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Netizens comment :

- The best line up.

- The best.

- Woah Wonpil and Yerin??? When will the album came out?

- The line up is crazy.

- I really look forward to it.

- I can't wait!

- Wow the line up is really crazy..

- Heol Wonpil and Baek Yerin?? ㅠㅠㅠ The voice that I loved ㅠㅠㅠ I can't wait.

- Heol amazing.

- I love it!

- Are you collaborating with the antenna singers?