Knetz choose INFINITE L as the idol they want to see the most in real life because of his visual!

I really want to see you in person before I die...How handsome must he be?

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Netizen comments :

- Our mother's one pick, L Myungsoo.

- Wow L is really a legend.

- I've seen it... ...I've seen it twice, and it's so small every time I look at it, but it's not realistic because it has great features.

- I saw him on the second floor at the concert, and I could only see his nose.

- I thought you were a rookie boy after the first time.
I'm the only one who's really old.

- If you look at the real visuals, he's always mentioned. I'm not a fan too but when I saw him, the gifs everything feels unreal.

- I want to see his face too.

-It's real. I was wondering if you were a human being.

- It really looks like CG. I was wondering if it was a person I was looking at it. His eyes and nose..

- It's just like a statue... ...I saw it at the concert standing. It doesn't feel real. It's just...