Knetz can't help but admire BLACKPINK Lisa's Wannabe figure and her long legs!

Lisa Wannabe's figure. I've got to lose at least 10kg to get in shape like this...Lisa's the best girl.

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Netizens comment :

- Her legs is really long..

- Her proportion is like a scam..

- Lalisa must be 170 or less.

- 44 wow...

- Bmi was the number that could be a teenager.

- That height and that weight?! Considering your muscle mass, don't you think you have almost no body fat? That's amazing.

- Wow, you are shorter than I thought, the ratio is amazing.ᅮᅮᅮ I thought she was over 170cm.

- Wow, you're the same height as me. What's the difference in weight? It's amazing.

- Wow...

- 44..???

- If you look at the fancam, it'll be 170 for sure.