FENT Entertainment apologize for the staff members inappropriate comments to the Fanatics members on VLIVE Broadcast, Knetz shares mixed reaction.

Hello, This is FENT, Fanatics's Agency.

We apologize first to the members and fans who felt the seriousness of the on-site staff's inappropriate comments during the Fanatics Naver V LIVE broadcast that aired on the 7th.

We acknowledge that the staff's wrong remarks during the live broadcast were wrong for any reason, and the person in charge will take action accordingly.

We will be more careful not to let this happen again in the future.

I'd like to apologize once again to the fans who love Fanatics, and I'll do my best to protect the artist's rights and interests that you cherish. Thank you.

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Netizen comments :

- It was real...

- Tell me his position in the company and what you're going to do.

- He's really bad.

- Crazy even in these days..

- He's not just a staff member, he's a representative?

- I didn't just have a problem with words and actions, but I forgot about it. And he's not a staff member, he's a representative. I wonder what he'll do. Oh, my.

- Tell me what you're going to do.

- Oh, that's a half-hearted formal apology.

- He is representative?