Actor Im Siwan and Shin Sekyung took COVID19 test after one of the staff member of drama 'Run On' was confirmed positive.

Covid19 was confirmed at the filming site of the drama, causing another emergency.

A staff member was confirmed to be in Corona19 on the set of the JTBC drama 'Run On'. Accordingly, actors such as Im Siwan and Shin Sekyung, the main actors of "Run On," have all been tested and currently are in quarantine.

JTBC said on the 27th, "One of the production crew members was confirmed today and stopped filming immediately, and all actors and staff members, including Im Siwan, Shin Sekyung and Lee Bongryeon, who were in the same place as the confirmed person, are under-tested."

The results of the test will be released sometime on the 28th, and the filming will be suspended altogether, so it is not yet known when it will resume. In addition, if additional confirmed cases occur, the spread of the Corona 19 infection is feared.

Meanwhile, "Run On," scheduled for the second half of this year, depicts a romance between a short-distance national track and field team and a foreign currency translator, featuring Choi Sooyoung and Kang Taeoh in addition to Im Siwan and Shin Sekyung.