TREASURE members express their feelings for finally debut and make their dreams come true at Debut press conference.

"I'm happy that my long-cherished dream came true. I'm excited about living an artist's life, not a trainee. I will try my best to become a growing artist."

YG Entertainment's Treasure box will finally open on the 7th. The team was formed through YG's boy band formation project "Treasure Box," which ended early last year. It will release its first single "THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE" at 6 p.m. on the same day.

The single is composed of two tracks, "BOY" and "COME TO ME." The title track, which can only be enjoyed on physical albums, and the instrumental version of the album are also included.

Treasure is YG's first rookie in four years since BLACKPINK, which is currently creating a global syndrome, and is the fourth boy group to be introduced after Big Bang, Winner, and iKON

Treasure member Bang Yedam said at a press conference held at CGV Starium Hall in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul, "Before our debut, the global performance of BLACKPINK has raised expectations for us. Many modifiers are burdensome, but I want to show you how we continue to grow. We won't let you down," he vowed.