The former member of MONSTA X, Wonho's pre-released song "Losing You" is topping iTunes K-POP song charts in 16 countries.


Fans from all over the world responded to Wonho's message.

Wonho's pre-released solo debut album "Losing You" is topping iTunes K-POP song charts in 16 regions overseas upon its release.

The pre-released song "Losing You" topped the iTunes K-POP chart in 16 regions, including the United States, Britain, Australia, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Peru, Chile, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, New Zealand, Mexico, and Austria.

In addition, it has proved to be a global trend by settling in the TOP10 list in 14 regions including Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, Turkey, the Netherlands, Germany, and Brazil.

It also ranked 16th on the U.S. iTunes top single chart, ranking 20th on the iTunes World Wide Song chart, especially in North America, showing incredible performance despite the release of a pre-released solo album.

Wonho's pre-released song "Losing You," which has attracted many fans not only at  Korea but also abroad, is drawing attention as a love song and a song that contains love and gratitude for all fans around the world.

Meanwhile, Wonho will release his official solo debut album 'Love Synonym #1 : Right for Me' on September 4.

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