[SPOILER] Ji Changwook confessed about his feeling to Kim Yoojung in the new episode of "Backstreet Rookie"

Ji Changwook confessed to Kim Yoojung in "Backstreet Rookie"

In the SBS Friday-Saturday drama "Backstreet Rookie" which aired on the 7th, Choi Daehyun (played by Ji Changwook), a convenience store manager, confessed to Jung Saebyeol (played by Kim Yoojung), the  manager.

Choi Daehyun said to Jung Saetbyeol, "I want to be a special and precious person to you. Will you take it?" he handed over the flowers.

But Jung Saetbyeol said, "I'll answer that later. I'm not as great as the manager, but I want to achieve anything. If I get a certificate of acceptance for the qualification exam, I'll answer it then."

Choi Daehyun said, "Yeah. Since you've waited for me until now, I'll wait for you from now on. But don't think you've achieved too much. It's enough and cool even now," he said, cheering for Saetbyeol.