SBS Drama 'Alice' ratings has rising to 11.2% in the 2nd episode with their amazing story!

In the second episode of SBS' Friday-Saturday drama "Alice", which aired on the 29th, Park Jinkyum (played by Joo Won) noticed the existence of time travelers in 2020. In the ending, he also faced Yoon Taeyi (Kim Heesun), who resembles his dead mother Park Sunyoung (Kim Heesun). From the turbulent development to the intense ending, it showed the essence of the breathtaking drama. He also responded to the response with ratings. Nielsen Korea recorded 10.2 percent (part 2) in the Seoul metropolitan area, surpassing double digits, ranking first in the channel, and first in the Saturday mini-series at the same time slot. The highest viewer rating soared to 11.2 percent. The ratings for 2049 also rose vertically to 4.6 percent.

At the end of the first episode of "Alice," Park Jinkyum witnessed a woman who looked just like his mother, Park Sunyoung, while chasing a mysterious drone found at the scene. While he was in shock as if time had stopped, Park Jinkyum was hit by a car and lost consciousness. When Park Jinkyum woke up, he firmly believed that the woman he saw was his mother and decided to find her.