[PANN] Knetz talks about how RED VELVET Irene's beauty make her looks younger than before!

2015 vs 2019

Netizens comment :

(+76,0) Black hair looks better on you because of the difference in bangs.

(+21,0) Irene is a power cool tone.

(+18,0) So beautiful...

(+17,0) I didn't know that Irene's blond hair was Tone aggro. I saw the comments and... I didn't know because you were so pretty... She was so pretty in Bad Boy with black hair.

(+16,0) Both same, so cute♡♡♡

(+15,-2) Am I the only one who think she looks like baby in the left?

(+13,0) Irene looks much prettier without bangs. She look cute and young with bangs instead of losing her beauty with bangs.

(+7,0) ng so pretty!