[PANN] Knetz discuss about which Third-generation girl group member who has good balance of abilities!

※ The order is random

Red Velvet Seulgi

Seulgi is too much. Seulgi is just all-around.
You're a good singer and a great dancer.
I'm surprised you thought you should practice dancing more.

Oh My Girl YooA

It's really stable she's the main dance but also good at singing and rapping.
YooA's dancing line is too good.
Not to mention her figure.

Twice Nayeon

She's all-rounded
Every time I see Nayeon, I think about what she would have done without being an idol.


BLACKPINK's got Lisa's ability balance.
They only put one person on each team.
Rosé's voice is crazy.ㅜㅜ


She's a main vocal, and surprisingly good at using her body.
And the vocal alone rises to heaven through the upper limit of her ability.

WJSN Seola

It's my favorite.
It's really balance. Face+dance+singing done.
She's really stable when I see her on stage.


I know that all members of MAMAMOO are amazing, but Wheein!
I know you're a good singer, but I know you're a good dancer.
You're both good at everything!

Is this how much I think? It is
Who else is there in your opinion?

Netizen comments :

(+90,-55) Thanks for putting Nayeon in. ㅠㅠㅠ  Nayeon is really good. I can see why she's at the center.

(+37,-42) That's where Nayeon falls the most.

(+27,-18) Joy!

(+26,-13) For me, I think BLACKPINK Lisa.

(+25,-4) I wonder what would she have done if she didn't really become an idol?

(+25,-2) I was surprised to see Yuju dancing.

(+19,-7) Rosé is amazing, she's good at dancing and singing.

(+17,-4) I like Jennie too! She's so popular, she's a great entertainer, she's good at rapping, she can sing all kinds of songs, she can dance in English, she's pretty, she's so harmonious, she's my type!~

(+15,-10) Wow, thank you for mentioning YooA.