Saturday, August 8, 2020

[PANN] Knetz defends Actor Lee Sieon after getting hates from antis for being worried to his friends Kwon Mina on Instagram.

I was a fan of Mina, and they were really close and he took good care of her but they were surprised. I'm so worried. How much harder is it to see Mina getting insulted by her acquaintances? At that time, she tries to get rid of the perpetrators of the damage compensation.

Netizen comments :

(+59,-1) I'm just looking at Lee Sieon, he has to sue them.

(+35,-1) Lee Sieon Kwon Mina fighting!

(+34,-1) That's why they're so pathetic, the one who curse at him.

(+12,0) He wrote this. (Lee Sieon : Ah.. Don't do this..)

(+9,0) Lee Sieon, you've been a curse for nothing to be blamed for.

(+7,0) Frankly speaking, from Kwon Mina's point of view, I might feel sad, but from Lee Sieon's point of view, he seemed worried. Why are you being blamed?

(+1,0) Phew... it's so heartbreaking. Do they even know that it's a bad comment for Lee Sieon? When you see them, you lose humanity.