[PANN] BTS has finally back to rising to the top spot on Melon Chart! + Knetz react.

Netizen comments :

(+258,-12) BTS took all kinds of bad comments to cover all the tracks on the real-time charts, and they blamed BTS for all the chart changes, and they climbed to the top of the chart went up to number one.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  They didn't even get the main exposure on the first day, and was in fourth place. As expected BTS.

(+203,0) In addition, the first English song to be released after the first 'reform', 75th in the first entry ranking after the re-reform.

(+166,-7) From the music team who worked really hard, to the encouragement association, and our ARMY who followed us well, thank you very much.ᅲᅲ  Let's not settle down here and keep the ranking.

(+53,0) Crazy, it's so amazing.

(+49,0) Congratulations on your all-kill!!!!
It must have been hard because there were so many snarls, but I think we were trying to get better news.
I live abroad so I can't listen to it with melon, but I'm listening to it with Spotify.
I'm listening to the TOP40 list. BTS is the first song.

(+37,0) It's amazing that the number of users keeps going up. No matter how big the Army fandom is, the public chose it.

(+33,0) Thank you... I became a fan after hearing dynamite because of you guys...