Saturday, August 8, 2020

Kwon Mina's agency Woori Actors revealed to have contacted police and 119, not yet figured about the exact situation.

Kwon Mina's agency is trying to find out the situation through a police report.

An official from Kwon Mina's agency, Woori Actors release statement on the 8th, "After reading Kwon Mina's SNS post, we were the first to report to the police and 119. The ambulance arrived in front of Kwon Mina's house and is opening the door. The agency is also on its way to Kwon Mina's house. However, we have not yet figured out the exact situation of Kwon Mina"

Kwon Mina posted a photo of herself hurting her wrist on her SNS account in the afternoon, raising concerns. "I hope you live well, Shin Jimin, Han Sungho, and Kim Seolhyun," she said in the post, and added, "They are irresponsible people who have not even received my call until the end. I'm going somewhere happy, it's so painful here. I'm going to die and bother you guys. "I can't live under the evil spirit," she said, expressing her disappointment.