Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Kwon Mina shares a new update, apologize to the fans and more in her Instagram Update, Knetz shares mixed reaction.


Many people worried and cheered for me, but I'm sorry to disappoint you again. Everyone who's been harmed by me... I apologize again for many people who were surprised to see the picture. I heard that the old FNC family stayed up all night when I couldn't wake up. I had a meeting with Chairman Han Sungho today. I really liked FNC and AOA. It was sad and hard to quit AOA because of this problem. I could feel the sincerity of the president while listening to the president's words today. I'm so sorry it just happened. Fans, acquaintances, family members who worried about me... And I'm so sorry to the AOA fans who are having a hard time because of me. I will regret not to let this happen again and receive hard treatment. I'm so sorry.

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Netizen comments : 

- Why are you feel sorry?..

- What the hell did Han Sungho say? Anyway, I just want Mina to be happy.

- Too bad ㅜ

- I hope you'll only be happy from now on. I don't want anything to bother you anymore.

- What did Han Sungho say? I feel sorry for you in many ways.

- Mina why are you apologize? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I just want you to take a good rest and not think about anything.

- My heart hurts..

- Mina lets be happy. 

- I don't know why you should be sorry...

- Mina always says she's sorry. It breaks my heart.

- There's no reason to reflect. You didn't do anything wrong.