Kwon Mina explained the reason why she unfollow all members of AOA on Instagram.

Kwon Mina confessed why she unfollowed AOA members' SNS.

Kwon Mina said on her SNS on the 6th, "There are many people who ask why I unfollow with the members through DM, cursing or asking for an explanation. I don't think I've done anything to be blamed for," she posted a lengthy message beginning with "I don't think I've done anything wrong.

"Every member knew that I had a hard time because of Shin's sister (Jimin said. At the end of the conversation, Kim (Seolhyun) said, "It doesn't matter what happens and I just hate this situation." From my point of view, she was the same as bystander, and I was sad to hear that. When the other Kim's younger brother (Chanmi) came to apologize with Shin Jimin for the last time, the question she was going to ask me was 'What was your good memory with AOA?' Maybe that's because she's young.

Mina said, "And Seo (Yuna) really cared for and thought of me, but no one came forward in front of Shin Jimin. Shin (Hyejung) told her sister (Jimin) "Why can't you remember? I know what happened." And she said, "If you're going to get an apology, get it right."

"Kim's friends, especially her best friend, were the first for me to stop following her because I thought she was a bystander enough, and I stopped (follows) because I wanted to erase AOA's memories gradually," she explained.

Earlier in the day, Kwon Mina said on her SNS account, "I made an extreme choice after exchanging messages with FNC officials recently. "Was it that difficult to say a sincere apology?" Jimin and she former agency, FNC Entertainment, posted a message that shot her again.