Knetz throwback about RED VELVET Irene cool reaction to someone who smoking in front of her.

She hate the smell of coffee and cigarettes, but it's best to make it obvious that you don't like them.

Netizens comments :

(+210,0) Who the f*ck is that? He's smoking in front of people.

(+137,0) What is a man's personality?;;That's a real nuisance.

(+121,0) Stay away from Irene!!!

(+65,0) Besides that, if someone says grumbling things on the show, I'll never laugh and straighten my face right away. If I were cool, I might have laughed with the atmosphere.

(+46,-1) I like Joohyun because she's like that. She doesn't laugh at all. She did it when she's determined.

(+31,0) Compliments of your willingness to smoke cigarettes into the face of a human being.

(+24,-2) Why is he smoking like that next to a non-smoker? You want to go through it with her?

(+22,-1) Is that coffee in your hand? I'm really sick of mixed coffee and cigarettes.