Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Knetz shares mixed reaction with the various media play and article title after Kwon Mina's apology.

Kwon Mina offered her apology, but the AOA situation is already ruined.

When Kwon Mina revealed last month that she tried to make extreme choices several times after suffering from depression and other mental pain after being bullied by Jimin, the leader of AOA, Jimin withdrew from AOA and suspended her entertainment activities. In just a month, the entire AOA was fiercely criticized for claiming that all AOA members, including Seolhyun and Chanmi, were bystanders. In particular, Seolhyun, who shot down as "Jimin's best friend," spent time in pain, rousing resentment to voluntarily get out of tvN's new drama "Day and Night." Things were also not good for FNC. Kwon Mina went on public shooting, citing settlement issues, such as 3 billion won in debts accumulated from her trainee years, and the FNC's image plummeted.

Kwon Mina delivered an apology filled with regret, but the AOA was hit hard. In fact, the entire girl group has suffered a fatal blow to the point where it is impossible to perform as a whole, and individual activities are expected to be difficult due to the loss of their image. Attention is focusing on whether Kwon Mina will really stop the disclosure and how the AOA will recover the wound and rise again.

The media play is really crazy.. This is the article as soon as Mina Instagram Update.

"AOA bystander, it's my fault after all".. Kwon Mina, Jimin's withdrawal with the group.  Seolhyun →Shooting

"FNC Truly felt"...Kwon Mina's sudden change of attitude and recovery of health comes first.

Kwon Mina, "FNC felt sincere" apology...Tsunami-hit AOA What should they do.

Sports Chosun Baek Jieun wrote an article about the situation and picked the title.

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Netizen comments :

- What is this.

- It's dirty.

- Stop the media play.

- This is really wrong..

- It's disgusting to talk about the assailant.

- As soon as she apologizes, they start the media play.ㅋㅋㅋ

- The media play is crazy.

- I will support aoa, and I hope Mina will get healthy, FNC should pay all the hospital bills.

- The article's title is crazy??

- It's crazy.

- What's the tsunami, Mina is the victim.

- fnc is crazy.