Knetz discuss about the reason why I.O.I Kyulkyung doesn't follow the member of PRISTIN on Instagram.

You were the only one with I.O.I.
But after watching Park Siyeon, the members of Pristin kept following Joo Kyulkyung and pressing like, and Jung Eunwoo even left this comment.

Eunwoo : Please follow me too.
I miss you.
Joo Kyulkyung!
This is Eunwoo.

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Netizen comments :

- Isn't Pristin is the original group of Kyulkyung??

- She could be left only with I.O.I.

- She doesn't usually do Instagram in the first place, and isn't it her own choice?

- That's right.

- She posted a picture three days ago.

- She's asking the members to follow her..

- Its her business.

- It's up to her.

- Isn't she also follow Nayoung?