Knetz defends Lee Hyori and 'Hangout With Yoo?' production team after getting criticized over 'Mao' controversy.

Hello.  <Hangout With Yoo?> the production team.
During the broadcast on August 22, I heard that some overseas viewers felt uncomfortable with "Mao," which Lee Hyori mentioned in the process of setting the name of her activity.
We didn't mean to refer to a specific person like your concern, and I edited it from yesterday to prevent further misunderstanding.
Also, Lee Hyori's final name has been decided by another name.
The production team will make the broadcast more carefully and carefully from now on.

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Netizen comments :

- Aigoo  ㅠ

- But what are you thinking about Mao?(I don't know)

- What's the difference between using Lee and Kim to name a Korean character? Is Mao Zedong is the only person in China who uses Mao?

- You even need to apologize...

- I only think of Asadamao when I think of Mao.

- But those Chinese kids who saw it were Korean-Chinese, and they saw it as illegal, but I saw it banned by Xi Jinping, and they all had to go to jail.

- Ah ㅠㅠㅠ Lee Hyori as if you weren't hurt too much,

- To be honest, I thought of Japanese Mao.  ㅋ Did you say China?  ㅋ

- I don't want her to apologize like that even if there's a controversy like this.

- Asada Mao comes to my mind first.